[tg] gengraph.pl

Fernando Lemos (QRA) Fernando.Lemos@era.ericsson.se
Mon, 4 Mar 2002 16:09:05 +0100


Finally I have managed to synchronize two computers (generator and sink) which gives me a precision of about some ms for my measures. 

I have run TG with UDP and TCP with no problem now to create the binary log files.

But when I follow the manual to use the gengraph.pl I get the following error:

Error - can't open input file ./client

The file is there, on the same directory of gengraph. I am calling gengraph as bellow:

./gengraph.pl -c ./client -s ./server -o ./graph -f gnuplot

so, client is my client log file and server is my server log file. 

Any idea of what is wrong with this?