[e2e] userlevel TCP diagnostics

Lloyd Wood L.Wood at surrey.ac.uk
Wed Sep 27 14:31:53 PDT 2006

First, you need a TCP functional specification.

See e.g.
and Norrish's papers.

Then, perhaps, you can get to a "certified TCP".


At Wednesday 27/09/2006 11:42 +0100, mort wrote:
>upon reading RFC 675 recently, i came across the following text:
>   We have in mind a program which will exercise a given TCP, causing it
>   to cycle through a number of states; opening, closing, and
>   transmitting on a variety of connections. This program will collect
>   statistics and will generally try to detect deviation from TCP
>   functional specifications. Clearly there will have to be a copy of
>   this program both at the local site being tested and some site which
>   has a certified TCP. So we will have to produce a specification for
>   this user level diagnostic program also.
>   There needs to be a master and a slave side to all this so the master
>   can tell the slave what's going wrong with the test.
>...a precursor to a self-managed Internet perhaps :)
>anyway, I was wondering if anyone could tell me whether this
>program/service was ever implemented and deployed, and whether it was
>reported anywhere?  (and if not, why not?)

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